Generation One – Tyler : Chapter Two

by ashpie88

Chapter Two: Hearts Ablaze

After working on Keeli’s alarm she invited me out for a drink as a reward for my work. We went to LeBlanc’s Wine Bar and had a glass of wine. I learned that Keeli worked as a teacher at the local elementary school. She moved to Riverview only a month ago to take a new job, her old school was laying off many teachers and she was one of them.

Once Keeli finished her glass of wine she got a bit flirty. “I just love fire fighters.” She giggled.

I flashed a smile, “Thanks, I’m flattered.” Again she giggled.

I gathered from all of this that she was lightweight when it came to alcohol. I felt guilty about flirting with her because I was afraid it was just the alcohol talking and not the real her. But I couldn’t resist she was so beautiful.

Another glass of wine and fits of giggles later Keeli began leaning on me for support.

“Omigosh! I’m so so sorry. I didn’t mean to push you!”

“You didn’t. You fell. Maybe I should get you home?” I was raised to be a gentleman.

“Are you going to come with me?” She winked.

I brushed some silky golden hair out of her lovely freckled face. “I think you should just call it a night.”

She smiled. “You are so sweet, Tyler. I’ve never had anyone treat me as sweetly as you do. Any other guy would take advantage of my state.”

I nodded, wrapping an arm around her as I led her out.

The next night after I got off work I gave Keeli a call. She had slipped me her number after I got her safetly tucked into her bed. I couldn’t wait to see her again and hopefully this time we could really talk. I decided to invite her over for dinner, even though I wasn’t much of a cook.

I decided to work on the sink while I waited for it to be a little closer to the time of her arrival. I loved working on things, I don’t want to brag but I’m pretty handy.

I started preparing some Mac & Cheese shortly after Keeli arrived. “It’s not much, but I never really learned how to make anything else.”

She laughed. “I guess I’ll just have to cook for you sometime.”

“Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have rushed to bathroom while it was cooking.” I rubbed the back of my neck nervously.

She took a big bite. “It’s pretty good.”

I could tell she was just being nice. “Even though you’re being nice, thanks.”

After dinner Keeli offered to help wash up and I walked her to the door. She had called a cab and it was waiting.

“Thanks for dinner, Tyler. Next time we’ll do it at my house.” She gave me a quick hug.

“You’ll probably make it much better.” I pulled away and leaned in for a kiss, but wasn’t expecting what I got.

She pulled away from me. “I’m sorry, I just think this is too soon.”

I nodded and she turned away. “Thanks for dinner again.”

She waved and hurried off to her cab.I stood there staring after her, for at least 5 minutes after she left. This girl was quickly capturing my heart.


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