Generation One – Tyler : Chapter Four

by ashpie88

Chapter Four :  The Long Day

All I could think about during Wednesday’s shift was Keeli. I couldn’t wait to see her. She was going to wait until I got off work at 5 to head to my place. I was so busy day dreaming about her I almost answered a fire call without putting on my bunker gear.

After answering several calls I tried to work out to relax but my Aunt Mary was buzzing my phone like there was an emergency. I answered and got sucked in to about 30 minutes of conversation about house repairs. I was having a bad enough day as it was.

I ended up having to call Keeli and tell her I was going to be extremely late. It was already bordering on 6 and I had a few things to do at the station. I told her where to find the spare key and that she could let herself in. It was just one of those days where nothing seemed to be going my way. I had so much extra work to do at the station.

Right as I was getting ready to pack my stuff up and go, at nearly 8:45, I ran into a guy standing in the bunker room in a patient gown, snapping photos of the guys. I approached him to find out what he was doing but he didn’t make a lick of sense. He was babbling. I tried to ask him to leave but again, babbles. On closer inspection of his gown it read Riverview Sanitarium. I quickly called them and asked if they were missing a patient. I had to wait an additional hour just for them to come pick him up. By the time I got home it was after 10 and I was completely exhausted. I had forgetten all about Keeli.

After getting changed into pajamas I walked out to the dining room to see Keeli sitting in the chair in her pajamas. She slowly stood up.

“You look tense. Hard day?” She asked moving to give me a hug.

I pushed her hands away. “This is a bad time, Keeli. I’m exhausted and I’ve had a really long and really stressful day. Maybe tonight isn’t such a good idea. Stay if you want. I’m going to bed.”

She looked truly hurt by my words. “I-I…” Suddenly she looked angry. “I have been waiting for you for several hours. It’s after midnight! And now you are going to blow me off?” She whipped around and rushed into the bedroom.

When she came out she was completely dressed.

“Where are you going? I said you could stay.” I sighed.

“No! You know what, Tyler Wintergold? I don’t want you to call me, I don’t want to see you, I want nothing to do with you! You know it took alot for me to give us a try and now you’ve completely ruined it! Stay out of my life!” With those words she stormed out, slamming the door.

I sighed and gave myself a mental slap. What did I just do? Keeli was the best thing in my life and I may have screwed it up…


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