Generation One – Tyler : Chapter Seven

by ashpie88

Chapter Seven : Parenthood

Three days later, Keeli was released from the hospital. She was completely amazed that I got an addition built on to the house and a room decorated and furnished for our daughter, Piper. Sigmund’s guy really got down to business. He had people working day and night to get it finished. After all was done my $3,000 I had dwindled down to $65. Keeli was excited to tuck Piper in to her new room.

I was awkward with Piper. I was a fire fighter. I was supposed to be brave, but I was afraid of holding my own daughter. She was so tiny and delicate that I was afraid I might drop her or squeeze too hard when I held her. It took a while for me to warm up to holding her.

Keeli, on the other hand, was a natural. She wasn’t afraid of dropping her. She could hold her at arms length and be fine. She really enjoyed being a mother, it must have been working with kids all these years.

Motherhood was exhausting for Keeli. Almost every night I would come home and slip into bed to find her passed out, fully dressed. I didn’t have the heart to wake her so she could get more comfortable, I know she didn’t get a lot of sleep.

I tried to stay out of Keeli’s way as much as possible. I know she wished I would help with Piper more, but I always felt like I was doing it wrong and I was in the way. I spent a lot of time with our new computer, playing computer games while I was home. I know, responsible father huh?

I was gone at work all of the time and for long periods of time, so it was no surprise that I missed Piper’s birthday. She was a beautiful little girl with many interests. She loved coloring and playing with blocks.

She also enjoyed being silly and hiding from Keeli in her toy box. She was the spitting image of her mother. She had Keeli’s blonde hair and silver eyes.

I always came home to Keeli and Piper having dinner. Piper was adorable, the way she would spill on herself and giggle. I always got a full report of the day at this time too.

I rarely had dinner made for me so I worked on perfecting my mac & cheese. During this time, Keeli would fill me in.

“Piper took her first step today.”

“Piper said her first word!”

I felt bad for missing everything. I really wanted to be there, but I did have a job to do. Keeli understood, but I couldn’t help but detect a note of unhappiness.

As Keeli tucked Piper into her bed that night, she gave her a good night kiss and turned out the light. I had no idea what was running through her mind but I was soon to find out.


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