Generation Two – Piper : Chapter One

by ashpie88

Chapter One : Five Years

My younger brother, Xavier and I stood outside of the Wilson’s house. We did this often, it was the last place Dad was alive. It was the last place he ever did anything. I was 12 when it happened. X was 4. It had been 5 years since Daddy died in that fire. Now I was 17, just months away from turning 18. X was 9 about to turn 10.

“What was Daddy like?” X asked. He loved to hear about him.

“Daddy was amazing. He was funny. He loved all of us so much.” I would say.

“Why did Daddy die?”

It hurt to hear my little brother say that. I could feel hot tears in my eyes. “He was doing what he loved, helping people.” I blinked to clear my eyes.

“You should go home, X. You know how much Mom freaks if you aren’t there after school.”

With those words my little brother ran down the street to our house.

I remember the day we buried Daddy. It was a few days after the fire. Mom decided it was best to do it at night. She didn’t want a large crowd gathered around. Just her, me, and Daddy’s Aunt Mary. Mom’s heart was broken. Daddy’s death was very hard on her and it was the beginning of her downfall. It has hard on me too.

I couldn’t stand staring at his grave any longer. I ran to get my bike and I just rode. I rode for a long time, sobbing and pumping my legs as hard as I could. I rode until I was out of breath and it hurt to breathe. I tossed my bike down in the grass and sobbed.

I snapped out of my memory and took one last look at Doc Wilson’s house. He had a loss that day too. Daddy went back in for his wife and neither of them made it out. Daddy had gotten her to the doorway of the library when a beam collapsed on top of them, trapping them inside. The doctor retired and never left his house after the incident. I headed for home, knowing I had chores to do.

Since Mom had been so depressed I took up all of the chores. I made sure X and I were fed, I did the laundry, I made the beds, and I still had school and a social life to juggle. Luckily my best friend, Tamara, understood. A lot of the time she would come over and help me clean up and hang out with X. X seemed to be having a hard time making friends himself, probably due to Mom’s over protectiveness of him. I had a feeling it was because he looked like Daddy.

Most days when Mom would come home from work she would sit around sobbing or just sighing. She was disinterested in anything that anyone said or did and she hardly ever ate. She looked horribly ill and she wore a constant frown. I felt bad for her, but I also felt bad for me and X, this sad environment wasn’t good for us.

Mom got a call one day after she got home from work. She seemed very stressed and worried about it.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” I asked, hoping I could help her out.

“I got a call from the fire station. They want to offer your father an award and they want me to come pick it up.” She sighed.

“I could go get it for you, Mom.” I offered. I liked the guys at the station and it wasn’t as hard for me to be there as it was for her.

“Oh, Piper, that would be great.”

When I got to the station I wasn’t sure who to go to.

That’s when my eyes caught a gorgeous man with the most amazing blue eyes. He was new, I didn’t recognize him.

“Hey, can I help you with something, Miss?” He asked.

I smiled. “Um, yeah, I’m here to pick up an award for my dad. They are honoring him for his heroics in his last fire.”

“Oh, um, Wintergold right?”

I nodded. “That’s right.”

“You look a little young to be his wife…”

“Oh, oh no! I’m his daughter, Piper.”

“I’m Dante Wilde. I’m fresh out of Probee school and I guess I’m taking your dad’s spot.”

“Nice to meet you, Dante. Anyway, about that award…”

“Sure. There is a certificate and plaque in the chief’s office. I’ll go get it for you.”

I couldn’t help it but when he walked off I peeked at his butt. He was cute and very toned.


One Comment to “Generation Two – Piper : Chapter One”

  1. Oh no Tyler died! 😦 Piper looks so much like her mother and I can almost sense she likes firefighters aswell 😉

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