Generation Two – Piper : Chapter Three

by ashpie88

Chapter Three: Growing Up Is Hard To Do

The rest of that horrible night I felt like I didn’t exist to Dante. Dante’s fiancee, Violette, was so pleasant. If I wasn’t totally in love with Dante, I would of really liked her. She was telling me funny stories about the two of them and I just felt like running.

Dinner was awkward, at least for me. I sat there silently as the two of them rambled on and on about how they met and how they started and dating and got engaged. Dante didn’t like to commit and Violette got him to move in and settle down. He also doesn’t like kids but apparently she planned to change that too. I stabbed my salad hard during the whole thing.

But then I couldn’t keep it in any longer. Violette stood from the table and offered to take the dishes and put away the leftovers. Dante acted the perfect gentleman and wouldn’t let her. He met her on her walk and they began flirting, ending it with a very passionate kiss. Did I not exsist or something?! I gave them both an angry glare. Then I ran out of the house. I was pretty sure they were too busy with each other to even notice I had bolted. My heart was broken and Dante was just flaunting it. I couldn’t handle it. I know I was only a teenager, but I knew what I wanted and I knew now that I couldn’t have it.

Once safetly outside I began to cry. I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t fair. A wonderful man was in my life and not at all in my reach. I felt as though he had played me. He had gotten my hopes up just to let them come crashing down. I vowed in that moment that I would never see his face again.

A few months had passed and I had successfully dodged Dante. I ignored calls and when I saw him come to my door, I made sure noone answered. Finally it was my 18th birthday. To my surprise, Mom actually managed to look happy and celebrate. X, of course, was always happy.

After having cake, Mom took me outside to show me my birthday gift.

“Well, Piper, I never agreed with this, but your father told me when you turned 18 you should have your own car. He put money aside for both you and Xavier.” She said, choking back tears.

“Oh, Mom! It’s beautiful, and I love the color!” I squealed.

It was a new Ford Fiesta. I would have to thank Daddy later.

I gave Mom a big hug. “Thanks, Mom! I love you.”

She smiled, again something rare. “I love you, too, honey. Daddy and I just want you kids to be happy.”

I smiled as I got a buzz on my cell. It was Tamara wanting me to meet her at the salon.

Once I arrived at the salon I found Tamara leaving the tattoo room.

“Tam! You got a tattoo?!” I said.

She laughed. “No! I’m just friends with the artist. But I do have something to tell you.”

“Okay..” I wasn’t sure this was going to be good. She pulled me off into an empty room.

“You remember Jeff?”

“Yeah.” Jeff was a kid from high school that had a huge crush on her.

“Well, we kinda snuck into the sport’s bar and got drunk and…”

“Oh, you didn’t, Tamara!”

“Well, I did…and I’m late….”

“For what?” I asked, a bit confused.

“My period. I think I’m pregnant…”

Unfortunately for me, my best friend’s pregnancy was the least of my worries. As we were heading out of the salon I ran into the one person I didn’t want to. I tried to just walk by but he stopped me.


“Uh, yeah?” I said trying to push past him.

“You ran off the night I invited you to dinner and now you avoid me?” He didn’t seem happy. “I didn’t even get an explaination.”

“I liked you! I saw you with someone else and I was hurt.”

He pulled me into an embrace. I couldn’t help but melt in his arms.

“I really liked you too, but it wasn’t fair to Violette, so I thought I at least had to introduce you.”

“Well you can’t have both of us.”

He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Then I want you..”

I gasped, pulling back and caressing his face. “Then end things with her.”

He smiled. “For you, of course I will. Tonight, I promise.”

We sealed it with a kiss before he left. It was a quick kiss, hopefully something I wouldn’t regret. I couldn’t believe I was asking him to break another girl’s heart for me, but I also couldn’t believe he would consider it. What was I getting myself into?


2 Comments to “Generation Two – Piper : Chapter Three”

  1. It was a jerk mood inviting her over and rubbing his fiance in her face, but still I like him.

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