Generation Two – Piper : Chapter Four

by ashpie88

Chapter Four: Love Sick

It had been a few weeks since I started seeing Dante, though lately I found myself more absorbed into my work than anything. I had taken up writing. My first book was my father’s biography. My mother thought it was wonderful tribute to his memory, and she was finally ready to share her stories. His Aunt Mary was in the hospital, so I had very small chunks of time to visit with her.

Before I knew it Mom was celebrating her birthday. Becoming a mature woman she was wiser than ever.

My freetime was spent with Dante, of course. We had been getting closer to each other, without actually sharing a bed. We spent most of our time making out and groping. But on that particular day I was ready to take things to the next level in our relationship and we did right there on the sofa.

A few weeks later I finally had enough free time to go visit with my friend, Tamara. She had moved into her boyfriend’s place and had quite a small bump under her shirt. She was wearing her pregnancy well for being 5 months along.

I rested a hand on her tiny bump. “Oh, Tam, I just felt the baby kick!” I was so excited.

She sighed and smiled. “I feel it all of the time. I just want this thing out of here!”

“You sound thrilled..”

She laughed. “Pregnancy is tiring.”

I joined Tamara and her boyfriend for dinner, only to have to excuse myself. I hadn’t been feeling well ever since I got to her house. She followed me into the bathroom to see if I was okay. After I was finished throwing up I rinsed my mouth out.

“I’m sorry, Tam. I should probably leave.”

“That’s fine, just don’t be a stranger and feel better!” She walked with me to my car and gave me a hug.

I got home to find Mom yelling at Xavier.

“I don’t care if you like her, Xavier, it is wrong! I demand you stop seeing her! You need to be focused on your school work!”

“I’m doing just fine in school, Mom! Let go of me a bit! You are strangling me!” X stomped off to his room.

“What was that about?” I asked.

Mom sighed. “Xavier is seeing a girl. She is two years older than him!”

“Mom, it’s just puppy love. Let it be.”

“Oh Piper, you’ll understand when you’re a mother.” She retreated into her bedroom after that.

Over the next few months I spent a LOT of time hugging the toilet. Most of the time whenI was writing I didn’t think about it. But eventually my mother became worried.

“Piper, you should go see a doctor.”

“Mom, I’m…” and off to the toilet I went. So needless to say I went to see a doctor.

Doctor Wilson was practicing out of his home now and I went across the street to visit him.

“Little Piper Wintergold, how are you?” He seemed sad and distant.

“Not feeling too well, how have you been, Doctor?”

“As well as an old man can be.” He gave a quick smile. “So what can I do for you?”

“Well, as I said I haven’t been feeling good.”

He nodded. “I’m going to send you to the hospital for some blood work. I’ll call you with the results.

“Two days later Doctor Wilson called me to tell me I was 4 months pregnant. How was I going to tell Dante?


**A Note From Ashpie88**

Sorry for the random birthday picture. Just needed to add in that it was Keeli’s birthday so that you all weren’t like “huhwha? she’s old?” LOL. Second I’m sorry it’s short, but if I didn’t end where I did it would of been uber long!


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