Generation Two – Piper : Chapter Five

by ashpie88

Chapter Five: The Good, The Bad, and The Baby

After finding out the news that I was expecting I knew I had to go tell Dante. Only, I wasn’t expecting Violette to answer his door.

“What are you doing here you home wrecker?” She yelled.

“Um, what?”

“You ruined our lives! You had a come in flaunting yourself around and getting Dante to sleep with you!” Then she stopped and her eyes scanned down to my belly.

“So you’re pregnant!”

“Listen, I’m really sorry, Violette. It wasn’t anything personal against you..”

“Oh please!” I could see tears in her eyes.

“I just wanted to tell Dante that he is going to be a father.”

“Then by all means, tell him when he comes home. To me!”

I was boiling with anger at Dante. He lied to me. He never left Violettte.

Violette wouldn’t let me into the house so I waited outside until Dante arrived. He looked shocked to see me.

“What the hell, Dante!! I thought you broke it off with Violette!”

“I’m sorry, Piper. I just really couldn’t resist you but I love Violette.”

I balled my fists and pounded them against him. “You jerk!”

He grabbed my wrists and pressed them against me. “Listen, I was going to cheat on my fiancee for you, so did you really expect any better of me?”

I knew that I really hadn’t. But I was also hopefully, he was my first love. “I just came to tell you that I’m pregnant, and it’s over I guess.”

“That goes without saying.” He said. “Listen, I think it would be best if you or the baby don’t show up around here again. It will only upset Violette.”

“Oh don’t worry about that!” I stormed off.

Just like the night I first found out about Violette, I bawled as soon as Dante was gone. It may have been the hormones, it may have been all of the frustration, either way I was hurt. He had lied to me again and now our child would have to suffer through a fatherless childhood.

I knew it was late, it was well past one in the morning but I drove over to Tamara’s house anyway. A sleepy Tam let me in.

“What’s wrong, hun?” She asked.

I just burst into tears. She pulled me into a hug. I was relieved to know that someone was on my side.

“I went to tell Dante about the baby and…” I told her the whole story.

“That bastard!”

Tamara, being the good friend she was leaned down to my belly, and told the baby all about Dante. “Don’t worry, that horrible man won’t ever be around to bother you. He is a waste of a good looking face. Sometimes Daddy’s are just jerks.” Tam may have had some Daddy issues.

She made me smile though. “Tam, I love you, you are awesome!”

“Of course!” She smiled back. Then we both heard her new little one cry. “Oh! You haven’t met Lea yet! Now that she’s up…”

Lea was absolutely beautiful and I was happy to see here wrapped in the beautiful heart blanket I bought for Tam for her baby shower.

“Hi, sweetie.” I said cooing at Lea. “You and my baby will be the best friends just like me and your mommy.”

Tam smiled from the corner. “You are gonna be a great mom, Piper. You’re so good with Lea.”

I looked back at Lea who was already starting to fall back to sleep. I smiled. I was going to be a good mom.

I went home and told Mom that I wanted to turn my old bedroom into a nursery.

“That’s a great idea. We can get started on an addition so you can have a new room.” She said.

“Great. I’ve already gotten an idea.” That night Mom and I sat down and got to work on our ideas for the renovation. Mom had already called workers to get started on the addition that weekend. I was diving right into everything baby to get my mind off of Dante.

Only one last detail to completely purge Dante. I looked down at my growing belly and rubbed it. “Little baby, I’m going to write you a note about your Daddy and I’m going to give it to you when you are older so you’ll know the good things about him and the truth.”

I sat down at my computer that night and began writing a well thought out letter. I was serious on what I told my baby bump. I wanted this baby to know everything I knew about Dante. I wanted this baby to know the whole story or his or her father no matter how bad. I wasn’t going to lie to my child.

Mom was really moving into Grandma mode as the months went by. We were a month away from my due date and between Mom and Tam’s support I didn’t even miss Dante. That day was the day we were going to paint the nursery.

After her daily grandma talk Mom smiled at me. “Are you ready , dear?”

I rubbed my back. “As ready as I can be.”

Many hours, and sitting breaks later we were done. We painted and stenciled cute sea creatures onto the wall. I didn’t know if this was a boy or a girl but they would be happy.

“It looks great, sweetie.” Mom said.

“It does, I think the baby will like it.” As I said that, the baby kicked. “Yep, they love it.”

“Let’s go have dinner.” Mom left the room, almost seeming sad.

Unfortunately the paint wasn’t even going to dry before the baby would use it. All of the days work must of started something because no sooner did I clean my plate than strong contractions started.

“Um, Mom!”

Mom rushed to my side. “What is it, honey?”

“I’m having contractions!”

“Let’s go to the hospital.” Mom took my to my car and we went to the hospital. I couldn’t believe she would be so calm at a time like this. I sure wasn’t!


**A Note From Ashpie88**

I kinda missed Xavier’s birthday and this was the only shot I caught of it happening. >.<


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  1. He really was a worse jerk then I thought. At least you should get a cute baby out of him.

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