Generation Two – Piper : Chapter Six

by ashpie88

Chapter Six: The New Publisher

After a short hospital stay I brought home my son, Tommy. He was so sweet, I just couldn’t stand to spend anytime away from him. I found out from a nurse that Dante had called to find out if the baby was born and what it was. He must of heard that I went into labor through a connection at the hospital. He was more interested than I had originally thought. Of course, I didn’t care and wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of my acknowledgement.

Over the next year I had a lot of help and support from Mom, and of course Tam. Tommy was a good, calm baby, he really only cried when he was hungry. He also had captured everybody’s hearts. When he cooed and looked up at you with those silver eyes, you would just melt.

Before I knew it, Tommy was already learning to walk and talk. Over the time I had finished my father’s biography and started writing a romance novel, loosely based on real events in my life. But it had been several months since I submitted any updates so I wasn’t surprised when my publisher showed up early the next morning.

It was about 5 in the morning when Jessica Izald, my publisher, came to the door and let herself in to my living room. There was a wild looking teenager at her heels.

“Ms. Izald..” I began “I’m so..”

She quickly cut me off. “Piper, just tell me why I haven’t gotten any phone call, drop by or email explaining your lack of work. I have not seen so much as a word of your most recent chapters and it has been months!”

“Well my computer hasn’t been working very well and I’ve been so busy with Tommy it has just skipped my mind to call a repairman.”

She shook her head. “Children. By the way, this is my daughter, Maya, I hope you don’t mind, she’s suspended from school and I’m keeping a close eye on her.” Jessica shot Maya a look. Maya just huffed.

“Piper, I don’t think you understand how serious this is. I’m a pretty nice woman. A lot of publishers out there would have cut you out and you wouldn’t even be a part of their office anymore.” Jessica said.

“Again, I’m sorry. I can whip something up by the end of the week….”

She shook her head and smiled, while Maya slipped off. “It’s okay, I’m just warning you to be a little better with your new publisher.”


“I’m going to open my own publishing office. As of next week I will no longer be part of Riverview Publishing. Once I’m established though, I’d love for you to go through me.”

“Who is going to publish my books?”

“A new agent. I’ll introduce you today.”


While I was talking to Jessica, Maya and Xavier were getting to know each other quite well. Mom would have flipped her lid to see this. Mom didn’t like it when X was dating a girl 2 years older than him, if only she knew he was making out with a girl who had colored streaks in her hair and piercings.

Jessica quickly got on the phone and called her contact. “Oh, yes! This is Jessica Izald and I’ve got someone for you to meet. Mmhmm. Yes, it’s your new client, Piper Wintergold. Yes, she’s the one who wrote the biography of her father. Okay, we’ll see you there.”

She smiled at me. “Okay, we are going to go meet your new publisher outside of city hall.”

We got into my car and drove to city hall.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a handsome man with green eyes and slicked back blonde hair. He smiled warmly at us.

Jessica spoke first, “Piper, this is Lars Duncan, your new publisher. Lars, this is Piper Wintergold, your new client.”

“I loved your first book.” Lars announced eagerly.

“Thank you, it was my father’s biography.”

“It was beautifully written, and from the first few chapters of this next novel it sounds like it will be amazing. My only concern is your possible ability to meet the deadline, since you’ve far passed this current one.”

I sighed. “I’ve just been busy with my son.”

Jessica budged into the conversation. “Well you two seem to be getting on famously, but Lars and I have a lunch date to discuss the transfer of your information.”

I barely heard Jessica. It had been nearly two years since I had been involved with a man at all, and my heart was pounding as I stared into those beautiful eyes. Lars was so polished and handsome.

Lars smiled at me. “Well, it was nice to meet you, Piper, I do look forward to working with you and would like to get together to discuss some things with you later this week. I’ll give you a call.”

“Okay..” I said dreamily as the two of them walked off.

I headed back home to relieve X of babysitting duties, though Maya was hanging out with him so he didn’t mind. I got home just in time for the repairwoman to come over and fix my computer. While she worked, I said on the floor and played with Tommy.

Everything was calm, that is until Mom got home and found Maya and X kissing. She stormed right over to Maya.

“Get out of my house, hussy!”

Maya stepped back, shocked. “Excuse me?”

“Leave my son alone! Go back to where you came from!”

“I…” Maya started but my Mom shoved her towards the door.

“Mom, stop it!” Xavier yelled.

“X, you know better! Stay away from this girl! I thought you were done with trouble.”

“Mom, I happen to like Maya. You need to stop attacking me and everyone I’m interested in!”

Mom was at a loss for words and X rushed over to Maya.

He apologized profusely to her. “I’m so so sorry about my Mom. She’s crazy. She doesn’t approve of anything that I do! Just don’t worry about her.”

“It’s okay, X, I just wasn’t expecting to be attacked by someone I hadn’t even met.”

“She’s really overprotective of me for some reason. Ignore her. She drives me nuts.”

“I’d better go home.” Maya kissed his cheek. “See ya around, X.” With that, Maya left and I wasn’t sure she would ever want to come  back.

**A Note From Ashpie88**

Again I missed a birthday, I’ll try to pay more attention to them next time, I promise!!!!


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