Generation Two – Piper : Chapter Seven

by ashpie88

Chapter Seven: As Life Goes On

So many things were in the works in the Wintergold household. Xavier had been getting closer and closer to his now girlfriend, Maya. Mom wasn’t happy but she didn’t want to risk X getting angry with her again. Honestly, after all that had happened I was surprised Maya even came by.

Maya was a tricky little thing though. She was very provocative and was always trying to intice Xavier into things. I’m sure, being a teenage boy with a riled up girlfriend he obliged, much like dangling a steak in front of a dog..does the dog not take it? I feel he was too young, but when he confided in me that he and Maya had made the leap I promised not to tell Mom.

I, on the other hand, spent most of my time with the only little guy in my life, Tommy. Just as I was retucking him in for the second time that night I heard a light knock on the door.

“Who could that be at this hour?” It was near 5 am.

“Dada..” Tommy said.

“No. Go to bed silly bear!” I cooed, kissing his head.

I was shocked to see Lars at the door. “Um, Lars, it’s so early…”

He smiled. “I just had to come see you in person. That final set of chapters was mind blowing!”

“Well..thank you..”

He reached out for my hand and I pulled back a bit. He was so handsome, and I really wanted to be with him..but he had been coming on far to strong since the day we met. It had been a few months since I started working with him. Sometimes I felt he was taking advantage of our work relationship, especially with the frequency in which he stopped by.

“What’s wrong, dear?”

I smiled awkwardly. “Lars, please don’t call me that..”

“Of course.” He flashed a toothy grin himself.

“So what brings you here?”

“Well, I came to ask if you wanted to do brunch. I have some exciting news about Jessica.”

“Oh! I’d love to hear, I miss her so much!”

“Well, she’ll be joining us.” He smiled.

I clapped my hands together. “Just let me ask X to keep an eye on Tommy!”

Jessica didn’t show up to brunch and I knew Jessica never missed a meeting. I had a feeling that Lars set this up to be a date of some kind.

“I swear I told her to meet us at the Bistro.” Lars said, peeking swiftly at his phone. “Ah, well, let’s eat, I’m starved.”

As we ate I noticed that we had some unwanted gawkers. I covered my eyes and looked away.

Until Lars dumped water on me. I jumped up and wiped myself off. “Lars!”

“I’m so sorry, Piper, I was just nervous..”

“Why? You talk to me all the time.”

“But not in this type of setting.”

I sighed. “Lars, I really should go home. I need dry clothes. We can get together another time.”

“Alright, would you like a ride? I could drop you off before I head to the office..”

“No, thank you. I’ll catch a cab.” I said and huffed off.

A few days after that horrible incident I got an urge to visit the Fire Station. I don’t know what drew me there, but I ended up thinking better of it and not going in. Right as I was turning to go I got a phone call that was about to turn my would around.

I rushed home, picked up X, who luckily had Maya over to watch Tommy and we rushed to the hospital. We were in such a rush we dashed from the parking lot to the hospital in a hurry. The call was about Mom. She was having severe chest pains at work and was sent to the hospital by the end of the day. All that was running through my mind was that Mom be alright.

After several hours of sitting by Mom’s side, hoping to hear her voice again she was gone. Neither of us cried, we were more in shock than anything. We had barely made it out of the hospital doors when my brother and I embraced and both began to cry uncontrolably. We were officially parentless. My heart was broken for X, for me, and for Tommy who would never truly know either of his grandparents. It turned out, Mom had a blood clot near her heart. She most likely wouldn’t have made it through the night.

We made the service small like Mom would of wanted. It was just me, X, Tommy, and Maya. We also buried her at night, like we did Daddy. Both X and I cried and nobody judged us. We had both tried to be strong, but with both parents in the cold ground beneath our feet how could we be?


**A Note From Ashpie**

Sorry it took so long to get an update in I’ve been busy with some stuff! If you go back a few posts I give a brief. The next update will be up much sooner, promise!




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  1. T.T I hate when the parents die. I love your legacy so far. I am officially a reader!!

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