Generation Two – Piper : Chapter Eight

by ashpie88

Chapter Eight: The Heart Wants What It Wants

After my mom’s funeral I put Tommy to bed and crashed. It was a long and exhausting night. Thankfully, Maya was attached to Xavier’s hip to help relieve some of the weight on my shoulders, and I was also thankful for the fact that Tommy was much too young for this to affect him. Losing both parents was hard, especially because  I was so sure I still wasn’t over Daddy’s death and that was so long ago it seemed a distant nightmare.

Xavier found comforts of a different kind in Maya’s arms. Even though her exterior looked rough she was a good person. She had moved in with us only days before Mom’s death, though Mom wasn’t aware of this. After getting kicked out of high school, her mom kicked her out of their house. She really seemed unaffected by it and I couldn’t convince Jessica to have her back.

After a few weeks of grieving I found myself wanting a comforting arm. Instead of going to a likely place I soon found Tommy and myself pulling up outside of that familiar house. I hadn’t been here in years. But something was drawing me.

That’s right, Dante. After my mother’s death I started to worry for Tommy not knowing his father and I finally reached out to Dante. He was very excited to hear from me to my surprise. When we arrived her invited me in and sat in the living room. I was a bit uneasy at first especially being around Violette, who herself was expecting.

She broke the silence of the room. “How are you, Piper?”

“Fine. My mother just died a few weeks ago and Tommy’s birthday is around the corner.”

“Sorry to hear about your mother.” She said before leaving the room.

Dante patted my shoulder. “I’m sorry too.” Then he changed the subject. “So this is my boy?”

I nodded. “Yes, his name is Tommy.”

Dante smiled at him. “Hey Buddy!” Tommy giggled. “Piper, we’re having a party tonight to announce Violette’s pregnancy, do you want to stick around?”

“Well I’d have to go home for a dress, but I’ll be back.”

“Alright.” And just like that I was going to be spending time with Dante again.

About an hour later I returned. I had left Tommy there to bond with Dante.

“How was he? He wasn’t too cranky was he?” I asked nervously.

Dante smiled. “He was great. We had fun. He even liked Violette.”

“Good, good.” Though I can admit I could care less if he liked her.

Something inside of me yearned to be close to him, so I couldn’t resist the urge when he started to flirt with me. I drew myself closer to him, not knowing Violette was in viewing range. Though she did nothing at the time besides turn around to get ready for the party. Dante left me to do the same.

However at the party she seemed outraged that Dante was spending so much time with Tommy and I and she lunged herself at me. She threw me to the ground and we had a plan knock down drag out fight, twice.

“You bitch! Stay away from MY husband!” She shrieked when we were through with our second scrap.

“He came on to me, honey.” I said sassily.

She growled and turned away not wanting to make more of a scene than she already had.

Everything in me just wanted to keep hitting on Dante, now just to spite Violette. So I did. When she walked by during one of our conversations I grabbed his hands and started flirting again. She threw me a glance that could of killed me.

Finally she had had enough and kicked Tommy and I out. Dante carried his son outside, though at this point he was getting evil glares as well.

“I’m so sorry about her.” He said.

“It’s okay. I don’t think our relationship could of been any worse any way.”



I quickly pressed my lips to his then pulled back. We embraced for a moment.

“I still love you. I know I was nasty to you and to Tommy and I’m sorry.” He brushed my hair back.

“I still love you too.”

“I’ve thought about you every day since the day I lost you. I just wish I could leave Violette, but I can’t bring myself to.”

I smiled, tapped his nose then picked up Tommy and left, feeling much different than I had the last time I left this house. I wanted to leave before the moment was spoiled. Dante stared after me. I wondered what he was thinking behind that dreamy gaze.


3 Comments to “Generation Two – Piper : Chapter Eight”

  1. Whoa!! Piper sure does know what she wants. I can’t help but think she is not going to like how it all play out. 😦

  2. I know I should stop hoping for Dante, but I can’t! Oh and I love the new header.

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