Generation Two – Piper: Chapter Ten

by ashpie88

Chapter Ten : Everyone But Me

I wanted everything to be happy. I was 7 months pregnant and alone. Dante had disappeared off the face of the planet. And it turned out Lars did too. I called his office one night to see if I could get ahold of him.

“I’m sorry Miss Wintergold, you’ve been reassigned.” The receptionist said.

“Why? Lars Duncan is my publisher. I’m fine with him.”

“Lars Duncan is no longer with us. He cleared out his office a month ago. He said he was moving to England to be with his new wife.”

“Oh..Thank you..” I hung up the phone. Unbelievable. What was wrong with me and every man in my life.

However disappointing that news was I wasn’t going to let it ruin Tommy’s special night. We chose to have a small family affair for him, which he was happy enough for.

He grew up to be such a good looking boy. He was the sweetest child, and it pained me so much to see Dante’s facial features on him.

He loved rubbing and talking to my belly. He made all kinds of promises to protect his baby brother or sister. He made me smile and encouraged me to be the best mother I could be. I had raised him on my own, why couldn’t I raise this one on my own. I wouldn’t be able to get a paternity test until the baby was 2, which was unfortunate but I suppose I had to wait.

A few weeks later was Maya’s birthday and for a special treat X took her to the gazebo on a lunch date. They were having a good time and romance seemed to bloom around me, but not for me.

During their trip X proposed to Maya who gladly accepted. At least someone in my life was happy. I was able to share in Maya’s happiness. I almost felt as though I was living through them. They were living my fantasy.

A month later they were married right at the gazebo, where he proposed. It was a beautiful private ceremony. Only close friends and relatives.

While they were away on their honeymoon I had the baby and I had my birthday, alone with just the kids and I. Age wasn’t kind to me. I had creases, sags and wrinkles everywhere. I suppose life was as cruel as age.

This little beauty is my daughter and the newest member of the family, Rosalyn Wintergold. Welcome to this thing called life!


**A Note From Ashpie**

Fun fact: I do give my characters middle names though I don’t post them. So For fun I’ll share as part of this fun time extravaganza! haha!

Tyler Xavier Wintergold(Gen 1)

Piper Allison Wintergold(Gen 2)

Xavier Alan Wintergold(Spare)

Thomas (Tommy) Tyler Wintergold


Rosalyn Christine Wintergold


2 Comments to “Generation Two – Piper: Chapter Ten”

  1. Such a beautiful name. ❤
    I hope Piper's luck with men looks uo soon!!

  2. Lars turned out to be the real jerk, at least Dante is upfront…well since you met violet.

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