Generation Two – Piper: Chapter Eleven

by ashpie88

Chapter Eleven Life In Motion

Rosalyn grew to be quiet a beauty. She wasn’t much of a talker, but she loved to suck on her binky. It was always with her, she was very comforted by it. She had gotten my blonde hair and silver eyes as well. She seemed bright and lively compared to where I was now.

I spent as much time as I could teaching her what she needed to know. She took easily to walking and potty training, but talking was  a whole new bag of worms.

Tommy was true to his word and loved his little sister more than anything. They were each other’s worlds. Rosalyn enjoyed every minute with him. He would read to her and play games with her constantly. She actually said her first word for him. “bruh-bruh”.

“Where’s Rozzy?  Oh! There she is!”


“Your turn, Rozzy.”

“Where bruh-bruh? Ah! There!” More giggles.

Everyday before school and after school the first thing Tommy did was hug Rosalyn. I was second to get a hug but I didn’t mind at all. I waited patiently as Tommy did his brotherly duties.

One day when Tommy was at school I was finally able to take Rosalyn for that paternity test. I had waited years for this moment. I was told they would call with the results. Two days later they did.


“Miss Wintergold?” The nurse said when I answered.

“Yes?” I was so nervous.’

“Rosalyn’s father is Lars Duncan.”

I sighed. “Thank you.” I wasn’t happy, but would I have really been happier if she was Dante’s? Probably not.

Tommy had a birthday shortly after and was growing into a very attractive young man. He looked like such an angel I was sure there was nothing he could do to disappoint me.

Until he came home with a lip piercing…

“Thomas Tyler Wintergold!” I shrieked. “WHAT in the world is on your face?!”

“Mom, it’s just a piercing. Chill.” He said.

“I will not ‘chill’ young man! Take that thing out this instant!”

“I paid fourty bucks for it, Mom. Money I made working at the grocery store!” He flashed me that sweet awkward smile.

I sighed. “Okay. Just don’t let it get infected..”

“Thanks, Mom.”

My life wasn’t the only one empty anymore. Tam came to me in the middle of the night weeks after Tommy’s incident. She was red eyed and crying.

“What’s wrong?!” I hugged her tight.

“He left me…”

“What? I thought he finally proposed?”

“He was using me! He broke it off and kicked me and Lea out! We have no where to go…”

“Live with us. You are always welcome here and I’m sure Tommy would love having Lea here.”

“You’re the best, Piper!”

“You’d do the same for me.” I said, welcoming my best friend into my home.

Tommy was happy to have Lea in the house. They spent alot of time together, they had secretly been dating a while now. But you could tell that Lea was hurt by her father’s betrayal.

“How could he do that, Tommy?”

“Dad’s can be crap. Look at me. My dad is the worst person I know, or well I don’t even know him. I’m a better person for it.” Tommy smiled, wiping a tear from Lea’s cheek.

She smiled. “You’re a perfect gentleman, Thomas Tyler. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Unfortunately for poor Rosalyn, she was hurt. She was losing her brother to his girlfriend. Now that Lea lived with us Tommy spent most of his time with his girlfriend and Rosalyn got pushed to the side.

With all my heart I hoped that Rosalyn would be lucky enough to find the love that I wanted her to find. I wanted her life to be a thousand times better than mine, and most importantly I hoped Tommy would still remember he had a little sister to protect…

**A Note From Ashpie**

I hope you enjoyed the 3 days of updates! As for Piper, this was her last chapter which was why it jumped. But your heir will be a secret until I release the first chapter!

I can say I will miss her and her sad life, but she’ll be around! 😀


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  1. Hi Hi! Sorry I didnt speak up earlier but actully I am one of your regular readers! I just want to say that the story is AMAZING and I love it!!! 🙂

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