Generation Three – Rosalyn : Chapter Four

by ashpie88

Chapter Four: Party Time

We finally made it to a tiny little house.  Lina knocked twice then entered. There was music playing  in the bright green room. There was a bar and a little sofa. On the sofa there was a boy with glasses. Behind the bar another boy with slicked back hair. Both were pretty cute.

Lina made her way to the sofa and seemed pretty comfortable with that cuy. I found out later, that she had gotten a boyfriend while I was grounded. His name was Sam and he lived here with his best friend. While Lina abandoned me for ..her make out session, I had to find other things to do.

I was called over to the bar. “Hey, try this…”

“Um..okay.” I took a sip of the concoction and spit it back out. “Oh, yuck!”

“That bad?”

I coughed. “It’s horrible..”

The boy behind the bar tried it too. He made a face. “Yuck. You were right. This is bad..”

He walked around the bar to greet me. “I’m Shane.”

“Hi, I’m Rosalyn, but you can call me Roz or Rozzy, whatever.” I shrugged.

“That’s a pretty name. Anyway, thanks for trying my drink.”

“Well, not to be mean but you should totally work on it!”

He laughed. “I know! I love bartending. Always do it at parties, I’ve been trying new stuff.”

I giggled. “You’re so cute..”

As 5 am dawned I found myself behaving a bit inappropriately. I kissed Shane, not expecting him to kiss back. He was amazing.

As I left, hoping to make it home before Mom got up, I took one glance back. I blushed when I saw that he was looking at me too. Lina didn’t come with me as she and Sam had long been in the bedroom.

As I crept up the steps it was 6. I almost made it to the door when..


Oh no. I’m in trouble.

I turned to see Gage approaching me.

“Why are you getting in so late, young lady?”

“Um..I couldn’t sleep. I went for a walk…”

He shook his head. “I don’t buy that. I check on all of you kids before I go to work and you weren’t in your room. In fact it didn’t look like you’d been in bed at all.”

I sighed. “I didn’t. Mom’s punishment is ridiculous. Please don’t tell her, Gage!” I begged.

He frowned. “Alright, this once. But no more of this, missy!”

“Got it!” I smiled and hugged him before hurrying up to my room, to fake sleep for Mom’s sake.


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