Generation Three – Rosalyn : Chapter Five

by ashpie88

Chapter Five: What Will The Future Hold?

It was a beautiful day. The day Tommy married Lea. I know what you’re thinking. I hate Lea. Well it balances out because I love Tommy and I want him to be happy, and boy was he. I could see the smile on his face and he slipped the ring onto her finger.

Then, when they kissed! Oh, it was simply magical. It got me to thinking about when I would ever be married. I wanted a beautiful wedding just like Tommy and Lea were having. I wanted a handsome husband all dressed up and I just hoped beyond hope that I wouldn’t end up like Mom, getting married after so much heartbreak.

Tommy walked Lea outside of the church and we all threw rice and clapped. If I wasn’t totally in love with the idea of love I would be so sick of how in love these two were. I hated to admit it but I loved Lea for loving my brother.

A few days later, Tommy and Lea still out on their honeymoon, Mom busy with my brother, I thought it was a great time to call Lina and make plans. We decided that later on that night we would get together at Shane’s house.

Things weren’t quite what I expected that night however. Something was going to drastically change my life. I nearly choked on my ice cube when I heard Lina and Sam talking softly.

“You still want to move to Bridgeport with me?” Sam asked.

“Are you kidding?! I’ve been dying to get out of this podunk town since I got here! The only thing that made it tolerable was Rozzy.”

“Sam is moving to Bridgeport? And taking Lina?” I said more to myself than Shane but he answered.

“Actually, Roz, I’m going too. Me and Sam already found a place…” He twisted uncomfortably.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me? You are all my friends! And you, of all of them, Shane…”I bit my lip, I felt hot tears swell up in my eyes.

Shane pulled me into an embrace. “Roz, I’ve never told anyone anything like this…but I really care about you.”

I sighed. “I care about you too.”

“Please, come visit, and I’ll come visit and we can still see each other.”


“I’d really like it. But hey, it’s not like we are dating or anything right?”

Ugh. Like a stab in the heart. Then let’s twist that knife shall we?

Lina and Sam were celebratory. I was not so much. They were cooing at each other and giggling, planning all that they would do when they moved. It was like I was nothing to Lina.

When I announced I was leaving Lina found enough time to break away from Sam and hug me. Though I was mad at her, she was my best friend and it was comforting to hug her.

“I’m gonna miss you, Kid!” She teased.

“I’m gonna miss you, too, Lina. When are you leaving?” I asked.

“Friday.” She gave a weak smile. That was two days away. That was the last time I was going to see any of them. My already broken heart shattered when I closed that door.


3 Comments to “Generation Three – Rosalyn : Chapter Five”

  1. Oh!! That must be harsh!! 😦

  2. OMIGOSH 😦

  3. nooo! I feel bad she losing a lot all at once. 😦

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