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May 30, 2011

Generation Three – Rosalyn : Chapter Twelve

by ashpie88

Chapter Twelve: The News

It was one night when Mom and I were on our way to make dinner together, awkwardly because I was still uneasy about her leaving,  however the awkward silence would have to wait because I went into labor half way to the kitchen. Mom began to freak out because we were alone. Shane was at work, Gage was over at Dylan’s, and Cheyenne was sleeping upstairs. I don’t think I’d ever seen Mom so panicked!

However we mangaged to calm down and get things taken care of. Mom drove me to the hospital, where Shane met me. In a matter of days I was bringing home my second daughter, Sara. She was a sweet and loving girl but she was very shy and very quiet. It wasn’t long after that Mom & Gabe moved to London.

Before long there was a bit of a birthday extravaganza going on. Shane’s birthday was first, to me he is still as handsome as ever, though age didn’t take kindly to his features.

And with my new grown-up attitude, I decided to give myself a bit of a grown-up make over. I did after all need to set an example for my girls.

And it wasn’t long until we started noticing some problems with Sara’s development and called in a specialist. Charmaine Aquino, was the specialist refered to us. She would be staying in our home, helping out with Sara.

She came in and gave me a layout of what she would be doing.

“I will be staying and helping to teach Sara basic skills. I’d like to assess her to see where she is on the charts. And we will improve from there.”

For the first week she worked on seeing where Sara was at with her language skills, she also worked on teaching her some new words.

The next week she tired to help Sara walk. This is where I had tried and failed so many times. She just didn’t want to stand. When she was born, she had a severely curved leg, that seemed to straighten itself out but never gained any strength. Everytime I would try to have her stand, her legs would collapse underneath of her.

Charmaine came to me at the end of the two weeks with her report.

“Well, Rosalyn, I have some good news and some bad news.”

I gulped hard. “Yes?”

“The good news is Sara has excellent language skills. She is very bright.”

I smiled. “She is.”

“But…” Charmaine began.. “I’m not sure if she will ever gain the ability to walk..I’ve run various tests and done various studies and tried all of the tricks I know, but it just isn’t happening. She is physically incapable of bearing weight. Though her legs appear normal, they are still severely deformed internally.”

I could feel my heart sink almost immediately. I knew there was always a possibility of that, but was praying that it wouldn’t have to be that way.

I wasn’t sure how to break this news to anyone. Shane was a great comfort to me, but telling Cheyenne was so hard. Chey loved her little sister and was so protective of her. She was always so confident that she would do everything normally one day.

“Chey, I have some news….” I sighed. “Sara is going to need alot of extra special help from you, from all of us. She will never walk..and that is going to be hard on everyone.”

Chey looked at me as if she understood everything. “I will always be there for Sara, no matter what, Momma.”

I smiled softly. “Of course you will..” I knew deep in my heart that Cheyenne meant every word of it. She was a sweet girl and it mean so much to me and to Shane, and I’m sure to Sara, that Cheyenne had the biggest and kindest heart of anyone we knew.


**A Note From Ashpie*

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