Generation Three – Rosalyn : Chapter Eight

by ashpie88

Chapter Eight : Baby Talk

A few weeks later I finally got the courage to talk to Shane. We were cuddling in the bed one afternoon when I did it. I looked away for a second.

“What’s wrong, Roz?” Shane asked, giving me a squeeze.

“Nothing. I just wanted to run something by you.”


“I’d like to have a baby.”

He pulled back and smiled. “Anything you want.”

“Do you want it?” I asked eagerly.

“Of course. My job is just to wait until you are ready and if you are ready we will try.”

I smiled and kissed him.

I called Lina over to tell her the news but she had news of her own and I never shared mine.

“I’m moving.”


“Well my mom is offering us her house. She’ll stay with us until she finds a new one, but she wants to be near her grandchild.”

“So you’re moving back?” I shrieked.


I was so happy Lina would be moving back for good.

Though things changed rather quickly when I got a text from Sam later that night saying Lina had the baby. I texted that I would come over in a few days after Lina was out of the hospital.

So a few days later Shane and I went over to their house and I held that sweet little boy for the first time. They named him Jason and he had Sam’s complextion. He was so sweet and tiny, I just wanted to snuggle him forever.

I played with him a while longer before handing him off to Sam so I could talk to Lina. Lina seemed a bit down.

“He’s beautiful, Lina.”

“I know.” She sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just kinda miss my old life.”

I smiled. “Do you want to go out for a bit tonight?”

“That would be great.”

Shane decided he would wait for me there and hang out with Sam. Sam was sympathetic and decided he would look after Jason while we went out for a couple of hours. Shane chalked it up to good practice.

We went to Bernie’s, a local sports bar and had a couple drinks, catching up. Even though Lina still looked a little bummed, she smirked when a song came on.

“This is my jam!” She shouted and pulled me into the center of the room to dance. We had so much fun throwing ours cares away for a while.

Meanwhile, Lea had also gotten back from the hospital and still had some pain from her emergency c-section. Unfortunately my niece, Tiff, would be in the hospital a while since she was premature. Lea just wanted to rest. And my youngest brother, Dylan, celebrated his birthday while I was away. I must of spaced it because I wasn’t as invovled in family events anymore. But things would change if I had anything to say about it.


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