Generation Three – Rosalyn : Chapter Nine

by ashpie88

Chapter Nine : Family 

 Tommy and Lea’s daughter came home from the hospital two weeks later and had pretty normal first few years. Now at near two Tiff was so precious.

I was always pretty sure that Mom wasn’t ready to be a grandma but she took to it very easily. She adored Tiff and spent all of her free time snuggling and cooing at her. Tiff really enjoyed her company too.

What’s been up with me?! Well Shane and I have tried for nearly two years now to have a little one of our own and I was hoping that all the time I had spent puking my guts out in the last three weeks was a sign of something good.

I spent alot of time around the kiddos, my niece, and of course Jason. I visited Lina nearly every other day. Jason was such a sweetie. After visitng with him and Lina I hurried off to my doctor’ s appointment.

I hurried home to Shane. I was nearly dancing when I found him.

“Guess what?!”


“Well you know I had a doctor appointment?”

“Yeah?” Shane didn’t seem to realize where this was going.

“I’m pregnant!”

He smiled and pulled me into a kiss. “I’m so happy!”

I giggled. “Me too.”

When I was showing a bit more I made the announcement to the rest of the family. Lea was concerned about me. Probably the mother in her.

“Are you okay? Do you need to sit down? Do you want a glass of water?”

She seemed more concerned than Shane did, or Shane just knew not to be in my face about everything.

“I’m fine, Lea.”

Lina was thrilled for me. The first thing she did was rub my belly.

“Oooo, how exciting, Roz!”

I smiled. “I know, Shane and I are very excited.”

But of everyone’s reaction to the growing baby inside of me, Shane’s was my favorite. He would constantly talk to the baby and then listen for an answer. One night I was complaining.

“Ugh, I’m huge…”

“You are not. Let’s ask the baby.” He smiled. “Is your mommy huge?”

A little kick.

“No? I didn’t think so either.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

A few weeks later I was having a conversation with the baby about how I would be meeting her soon. I wasn’t aware that Shane was behind me and I most certainly wasn’t aware that I would be meeting her sooner than I thought.

I felt a sharp kick to the ribs, as was her custom, followed by a sharp jolt of another kind.


“Honey?” Shane said softly.

That was when I was first aware of him. I felt another jolt. “Shane…” I whispered as I felt my pants get moist. “I think it’s time…”

“What?! How?”

“I’m having contractions and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t pee myself…”

“Well let’s go!” He shouted throwing clothes on.

We came home a few nights later with our beautiful daughter, Cheyenne.


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