Generation Three – Rosalyn : Chapter Ten

by ashpie88

Chapter Ten: Grandkids & Grandpa

Being a parent wasn’t everything I imagined. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cheyenne and would do anything for her, I just don’t like cleaning up after her. How can something so small make such big messes? I don’t mean around the house, but in that diaper. And all the slobber. Taking care of her made me fall behind on other things like laundry, so I tried to do as much of that as I could when I had a moment.

Mostly, though, free time didn’t exsist. It was nice at times to have that quality time with Cheyenne, but at the same time I was starting to feel like having my old life back, however I didn’t see that happening. Even with a house full of people things were crazy and there wasn’t much help to be offered.

Especially from Shane. He worked a lot and when he wasn’t working he was resting so that he could help as much as possibly, which sadly wasn’t quite enough to take a load off from me.

And as if trying to sleep with one baby wasn’t enough, having Tiff the drama queen right across the hall didn’t make the little sleep I did manage any easier. Lea had been a little depressed and took as long as possible to respond to Tiff’s cries. But I don’t blame her, Tiff cried about everything!

Things must have been getting to an all time high in stress levels because Mom and Gage called a family meeting, meaning me, Tommy, and them. Tommy and I slunk into our chairs across from the two of them. Mom did not look pleased, but Gage looked as easy going and pleasant as ever which made things a little easier.

“This needs to stop. All the screaming at all hours of the night. Gage has work very early in the morning and I’m up late working on manuscripts..” Mom started. “Normally I wouldn’t mind the noise, but Thomas, your wife is getting to be a bit of a problem, ignoring Tiff all night.”

Tommy stared at Mom with a slightly worried look. It was clear that Mom was losing her calm. He nodded. “I agree.”

“And what do you propose to do about it?” She proded.

“Lea, Tiff, and I will be moving out. I can only see things getting worse once our new child is here.”

“Alright. That’s settled.” She turned her fiery eyes on me. “And just because you’re a new mom doesn’t mean you can’t help out around here from time to time, Rosalyn.”

My eyes got wide with surprise. “Mom! You’d think you didn’t raise two children! I’m having a hard enough time fitting in my own chores and you want to add some of yours?”

Gage touched her shoulder and her face softened. “You’re right. I’m sorry for getting on you kids like this, I’m just very stressed lately.”

“I know the feeling.” I muttered before we adjorned our family meeting.

A few weeks later, Tommy and Lea left. Lea seemed completely unthrilled by the venture, but she was having depression issues so noone though much of that. She snatched up Tiff and didn’t say one word, let alone glance at my mother. She must of thought that Mom suggested the move. She nodded a goodbye to Gage and waved happily at Cheyenne and myself. Tommy hugged everyone and apologized for Lea’s behavior.

A couple days after the two of them left I was doing some rearranging of the house. Moving Cheyenne’s things from my room to the nursery. I took some of Dylan’s left over things and Tiff’s left overs and moved them to the storage closet. I’d never actually been in the storage closet and when I opened the door and walked in I knew why…it wasn’t a storage closet.

It was a shrine to Grandpa Wintergold. I took a moment to scan my eyes over the room. Usually Mom kept this door locked, another reason why I’d never been in here, but she had it unlocked today for some reason. She probably forgot in all of the stress. Grandpa’s coat hung in one corner as well as his hallogen. In the other were awards he won, including one he was awarded posthumously. It was so sad I almost wanted to cry, when I heard someone heading up the stairs I quickly l closed the door and slipped into the nursery.

It wasn’t until a week later that I was found out. Mom called me to the couch.

“Were you in the storage closet?”

I nodded shyly.


“I was going to store away some of the stuff that was just lying around.”

“How did you get in?”

“It was unlocked.”

Mom sat silent for a moment or two. The silence was so long I wasn’t sure if she would speak. So I did.

“I’m sorry, Mom. But why is it full of Grandpa’s stuff?”

She sighed. “I was close with my father and I loved him very much. Losing him was extremely devastating to me. When I turned eighteen my mother gave me his stuff and told me to take it and cherish it, as it was what remained of my dad.”

I heard her voice catch and I turned to see tears spilling down her cheeks. I gave her a hug. We sat that night and she told me the story of my Grandpa Wintergold.


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