Generation Three – Rosalyn : Chapter Eleven Part One

by ashpie88

Chapter Eleven : Friends & Family Part One

Shane spent alot of time with Cheyenne when he could. She was definetely Daddy’s Girl. It made me wonder what it would of been like to get to be Daddy’s Girl. I didn’t even have a Daddy who cared about me enough to stick around. Tommy at least got to say that he met his father. I, on the other hand, had never laid eyes on mine. So I felt that Cheyenne was a lucky girl.

Mom had a birthday recently and wasn’t doing to bad for her advanced age. She finished her last book a week before her birthday and retired on that. She just wanted to sit back and enjoy life now.

Infact Mom was so much about enjoying life that she and Gage called me into the living room to tell me about it.

“We are going to spend a few months in London.” Mom announced.


Gage wrapped an arm around her. “We think you and Shane can hold down the fort here. It will only be for four or five months. Nothing permanent.”

“Well if that’s what you guys wanna do. Are you going to back in time for the baby to be born? What about Cheyenne’s birthday? It’s next week!”

Mom smiled. “We won’t be leaving until the day after Cheyenne’s birthday. And of course I plan to be back for the birth of the baby, what kind of grandmother do you think I am?”

“Well this is all so sudden..”

Mom looked at Gage and they both smiled sweetly. “We’ve been planning it for a while now, just wanted to wait for me to retire. London here we come!”

I was so wrappped up in all that was going on I forgot that it was Shane and I’s anniversary. Four years together, but Shane didn’t forget and met me in the laundry room to remind me, however things ended up getting too steamy and the bedroom seemed a more appropriate place.

True to her word Mom and Gage were there when we celebrated Cheyenne’s birthday. I was sad to see my little girl grow up but happy knowing that I would have the next 7 months to have a bit of a “baby baby” break.

Cheyenne turned out to be quite a lovely little girl. She had my hair and my mother’s eye color, but she appeared to have Shane’s facial features. 

The day following Chey’s birthday Mom and Gage were headed off to London. One turn before they hit the gate they smiled at us and waved. Chey and I waved from the porch.

“Bye loves!” Mom called.

“Bye Mom!” I said. Chey simply giggled and buried her face in my shoulder.

Chey’s favorite place was the garden out front. We would sit out there day or night and I would teach her talk or walk or we would just sit and watch clouds, stars, or butterflies.

I also couldn’t be more thrilled that Shane was just as excited about baby number two as he had been about Cheyenne. We couldn’t help it and had found out that we were having another little girl.

However, there was still someone who would be interested in the information and lucky for me Lina was having a party that night.


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  1. Sorry it kinda skipped around…oh and I was mistaken…Cheyenne actually has Shane’s eyecolor!

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