Generation Three – Rosalyn : Chapter Eleven Part Two

by ashpie88

Chapter Eleven: Friends & Family Part Two

The first thing I did was hunt Lina down to tell her.

“It’s a girl!”

She shrieked. “How exciting!”

I seemed to be a big deal at the party. People either wanted to rub my belly or hug me. I was so excited to see Jason and how big he was getting! He gushed about how well he was doing in school and how he was going to be participating in his first science fair.

Shortly after my talk with Jason I was called over by an older woman. She smiled at me and asked if she could feel my belly. I was unsure but allowed it. She was creeping me out just a bit.

“I’m so sorry for this, it’s just that, I was pregnant once and I lost my baby. My husband was too busy galavanting with some little blonde fluzy to care. I never got to feel a baby kick.”

My heart ached for the poor woman. “I’m so sorry for your loss..Ms..”

“Wilde. But you can call me Violette.” She smiled. “Thank you.” Then without another word Violette disappeared into the living room.

A few days after the party Mom and Gage returned home and called us all into the living room to gush about their vacation. But it wasn’t just to brag about their vacation, they had a surprise for us.

“How would you kids feel about having the house for yourself?” Mom asked.

I looked between Dylan and Shane. “Why?”

“Gage and I want to move to London!”

The distaste for the idea showed crystal clear on my face.

“What about Dylan? I have my own kids I can’t be responsible for my brother too! Not to mention I thought this wasn’t anything permanent.”

Mom and Gage laughed heartily.

Gage spoke first, “Well Dylan’s birthday is in a few weeks he will be out of your hair.”

“And we didn’t know we’d enjoy it so much!” Mom said. “So we thought something more permanent would be better for us!”

The weeks flew by and my parent’s departure was set in stone as far as they were concerned. Dylan’s birthday came and went and within a few days he had gotten himself a job and found himself a place to live.

We all stood on the porch and waved as he got into the cab. Everyone was much more entusiastic than I was. My children weren’t going to know their grandparents because they were running off to London and  My back was killing me. My parents planned to leave next week and had been packing all of their things. I wasn’t a happy camper, for sure.


**A Note From Ashpie**

Okay, so wow, sorry for not updating for a while. Lots of stuff happening in the last week! 🙂

Anyway, for some of you may recall my Wintergold Weekend?..well let’s do that again! We are finishing out the Generation. 😦

Soooo, Chapter 11 is today’s update. Then you’ll get a new chapter tomorrow and the day following! So yay for the second Wintergold Weekend!!!


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