Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter One

by ashpie88

Chapter One : Sara’s Sister

I remember thinking the day I had to get glasses would be the worst day of my life! I remember being in class and not being able to see worth pototates! Miss Johnson sent me home with a note that I needed to get my eyes checked, though I didn’t know that was what it was for, ’cause, well I couldn’t see it! I gave the note to Momma and she made motions towards her face.

“Oh, Chey, it’s just glasses. It won’t be so bad.”

“I’ll look like a nerd!” I complained, though truth be told I was a nerd.

“You will not. You’ll look cute.” Momma persisted.

Then Daddy chimed in. “Of course, you’ll be the cutest girl in glasses.”

Then Momma broke the unspeakable news to me. She came up to me while we were in the foyer, she had just had a long conversation with Miss Aquino and Daddy and she didn’t look happy. Her eyes were puffy. I had been entertaining my baby sister at the time.

“Cheyenne, come here a minute!” Momma called. I went in to see her. “Chey, I have some news..” She began. “Sara is going to need alot of extra special help from you, from all of us. She will never walk..”

I remember a sharp stabbing through my heart when she said that. But I was strong. “I will always be there for Sara, no matter what, Momma.”

I had always believed that Sara could overcome anything. I even helped her stand once, of course she wasn’t really standing, she couldn’t do that. But in my heart I wanted to believe she would overcome the odds and be a normal, healthy, little girl. So when Momma told me that would never be, I wanted to die. In fact I did die inside alittle bit. Poor Sara would never experience the things I would, but if I had anything to say about it, she would live through me!

As time passed and Sara began to really know the limits that her unfortunate health situation gave her, she became a shell that only seemed to warm up and show her sweet and angelic face occasionally. She seemed more distant, rather than the happy go lucky girl she always was.

One night after I helped her brush her hair she asked me to push her chair over to the window so she could look out. She loved looking outside, where she could never walk herself, and see all of the flowers and gardens, she loved gardens.

“Chey..” She said softly, in an almost inaudible tone.

“Yeah, Sara?”

“Tell me, what is it like to walk?”

It always bummed me out when she asked that. She asked it alot, usually when she was feeling down. “Well, um..I don’t know. I’ve never not walked. But I guess it’s okay.”

“I just wanna walk through a garden, just once.”

“I would love that for you. But you know now that Momma and Charmaine won’t let you leave the porch.”

She shrugged. “When you get bigger, you can sneak me to the garden. Promise?”

“I don’t know, Sara…”

“Promise me, Cheyenne, please?” She looked at me with big pleading eyes.

How could I say no? “Okay…”

That brings us to today. I frequently sneak Sara out for walks in the backyard at night. She loves to just be out in the air and see all of the flowers.

“This is my favorite place.” She said.

“I’m gonna get Momma to plant more flowers for you.” I said, looking over the bare yard.

“Yes, that would be lovely. But these will do for now.” She giggled.

However our venture was snapped to a halt when we saw Charmaine running for us.

“Oh, my!” She gasped. “Cheyenne! She could of wheeled into the pool!”

I raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t let that happen. I don’t even take her near the pool!”

“You’d just have to turn your back for a second. I mean, look, I go to the bathroom and you two are off the porch in the backyard! You gave me a start!”

Sara rolled her eyes. “She would never let me near the pool. She can take care of me fine. I’m not dead, am I? Just because I’m stuck in this chair for all of my life doesn’t mean I’m not smart enough to know to stay clear of things that can harm me.” She shoved her wheels angrily through the gate. Charmaine followed.

I climbed up onto the playground equipment that seemed rather useless. I mean as a child I spent most of my time indoors or on the porch with Sara. I didn’t want her to feel bad just because I could run to the backyard and swing on a swing or climb a jungle gym. Besides that, I didn’t have many friends. I wasn’t popular at school, I was a dork. Nose always in a book or hand raised answering all of the hard questions in advanced classes. And my only friend besides Sara was a person I was forced into friendship with because of Momma and Auntie Lina. However, I honestly didn’t mind his company, he was a nice guy.

That guy was Jason Soran, Auntie Lina’s son. He was a fun guy and we had alot in common. We enjoyed each other’s company and with both of us being smart, we always taught each other something new. He wasn’t the best looking, or the best dressing guy I knew, but I got me and I got him.

Jason was really big into astronomy and loved pointing out various stars and constellations. He always knew which nights were the perfect viewing nights. I would go over to his house and we would spend hours watching the stars, and he would spend that time going into detail about each thing we saw. Alot of people at school thought we were dating, but we weren’t I wasn’t into Jason like that, and for a million years I couldn’t see an attraction to me on Jason’s end. However, everyone else seemed to see it.


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