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July 6, 2011

Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Three Part Two

by ashpie88

Chapter Three: The Dance Part Two

A few days after the dance Chris came over. Let’s just say our relationship didn’t last that long. He wanted to go back with Tiff.

“Sorry, Chey.”

“I feel so used.”

“Why?” He asked.

“Why?! Because you dated me for like 3 days! I had my first kiss with you. I figured our relationship would at least last a few months.”

“Come on, Chey…you should of known. I’m a popular guy…you’re a..well not popular. It’s the way it works. Sorry.”

I went back inside and got back to my homework that was interupted for Chris’s selfishness. I was biting back my tears.

“Who was that?” Sara asked.

“Chris.” I bit my lip. “He broke up with me to go back with Tiff.”

“Aww.” Sara frowned. “What a jerk!”

“I feel so used.” I said, my lip beginning to quiver. “Sara..don’t tell Momma and definetely don’t tell Daddy…but I went to his house after Prom..and well…I gave myself to him. I let him take my virginity!”

Sara’s eyes widened, I almost thought they were gonna pop right out of her head. “Whoa, really?”

“I can’t believe it.” I slammed my head on the table. “I’m such an idiot. Why would he ever like me? I mean his interest came out of nowhere. He asked me to Prom to get something out of me and when it didn’t work he asked me to be his girlfriend. I’m such a fool!” I pulled away from the table and ran outside.

Once I was out of earshot of my parents I broke down in the yard. Sobbing, crying, nearly screaming. My heart was broken. Noone could mend it. I let him touch me…I let him have me. I let him have something so precious. I was a huge fool. I knew Jason was going to let me have it! Oh boy when he found out what a dope I’d been. I just started crying harder.

I went inside and cried myself to sleep under the picture of Jason and I. I didn’t even bother changing or taking off my glasses. I knew people were going to be laughing at me behind my back at school. Cheyenne the dope. Fell for the hot guy, who used her and dumped her with no problem.


And I was absolutely right. All day I got looks and snickers. And when I got to science class, Jason was there to give me his opinion.

“I told you. He was no good. Why do girls never listen to their friends when their friends are always right?” He shook his head.

“Jason, I don’t wanna hear it.” I tapped a finger on the table.

“Cheyenne, I’m being a good friend when I’m telling you this stuff. I don’t tell you for fun.”

“I know…”

“Do you know he’s telling everyone he…” Jason looked around and coughed. “..that know…did things with you?”

I sighed. “He did.”

“What?! Why? I thought you were better than that!”

“I am! He tricked me. I said no. He asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend and led me to believe that’s how I would be his girlfriend.” Tears began burning behind my eyes.

One good thing about Jason was he knew when enough was enough. He dropped the subject and began taking notes. I tried but I just couldn’t pay attention. I still couldn’t believe what I had done.  A few girls in class whispered to each other and made vulgar motions at me while snickering. I sighed and layed my head on my desk waiting for the bell to ring so I could go home and find a hole to crawl in until graduation, which was thankfully near.