Generation Four – Cheyenne: Chapter Two Part Two

by ashpie88

Chapter Two: Just Friends Part Two

The weekend passed as a normal weekend, mostly. The family and Ms. Aquino gathered for a movie night. Halfway through the rom-com we rented Sara passed out and Ms. Aquino suggested taking her upstairs to her bed. Daddy jumped at the chance, not really into the chick flick.

However Saturday afternoon I got a strange call. It was from Chris. My heart immediately began racing.




“Hey, it’s Chris Carlson. You brought me my homework. Wanna meet at the park?”

“Yes!” I screamed alittle too loud.

An hour later I made my way to the park to meet up with Chris. I almost thought it was some sort of joke at first, until I saw him walking towards me.

He smiled at me. “Hey, glad you came.”

“Umm..yeah. Why did you call? How did you get my number?” I said quickly.

He laughed. “From the school directory we got at the beginning of the year. And I called because I wanted to say thanks for bringing my homework.”

“No problem.” I giggled.

“So listen…you wanna hang out today?”

I looked around, searching for the cameras or popular kids to jump out and throw stuff at me. “Okay?” I replied when I didn’t see any of that.

We decided to go catch a movie. It was 2 hours of bliss as I sat next to him. He reached over and brushed my hand with his a few times. By the end of the movie he had his arm around me and I was blushing the brightest red ever. I really felt like this was all a dream. A dream come true. Then the best part of the whole day. Before he left he asked me to be his date for prom!

I called Jason and told him to meet me in the park. He showed up lickety split.

“Guess what?!” I shrieked.

“Wait..I wanna ask you something.” He smiled. “Will you go to prom with me?”

I stopped bouncing and frowned. “Well..I was gonna tell you that Chris asked me to prom..I’m sorry Jason..”

“Oh.” He hung his head.

“We’re still good for our sleepover though right?”

“Uh..yeah of course.” He nearly whispered. We got on our bikes and headed to my house.

We had a blast, having pillow fights and gossiping. I felt so horrible that I had to let him down like that. He was such a good guy. He did however remind me of one unpleasant fact.

“What about Chris’s girlfriend?”

“Well, he said they broke up last week.”

“And she’s still gonna go to Prom and give you death eye.”

“I don’t care.” I smiled. “I’ll be with Chris.”

“Yeah..” Jason said before clocking me with the pillow again.

I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, but hey, I was in love and going to prom with the boy of my dreams!


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