Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Two Part One

by ashpie88

Chapter Two: Just Friends Part One

I spent alot of nights sitting with Sara in her bed. She loved chatting with me about what Charmaine taught her that day or learning what I had done or learned at school. She especially loved to hear about Jason.

“Jason is your boyfriend!” She teased.

“No he isn’t! He’s just a friend.”

“You wanna kiss him!”

“No!” I whined.

She giggled. “I wanna kiss a boy one day.”

I smiled. “You will.”

“I hope he’ll be cute.” Today was one of Sara’s happier days.

“He’ll be such a hunk, I know it.” As I said this she smiled but her look became distant again.

“I’m tired.”

She rolled over and I helped her stretch her legs out. Soon she was fast asleep. My heart broke everytime my little sister would have a glimmer of hope only have it crushed by the realization that what she wanted may never happen. She was home schooled, she never saw any other kids. The only guy outside of the family she met was Jason. She really liked Jason and always told me that she wished we would get married and have babies. So sweet, but I had another guy on my mind.

Jason came over alot. We loved having sleep overs. How could we ever love each other, we acted like girlfriends. I would of thought Jason was gay if I knew he wasn’t. He liked girly things like I did. I guess you’d call that sensitive. We spent alot of time on the jungle gym when he came over.

“Sara thinks I should date you.” I laughed.

Jason smiled. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, isn’t that silly?”

He was quite for a moment. “Yeah, soooo silly.”

“I try telling her that I’m really interested in Chris Carlson. Oh wow he’s hot.”

“But he’s dating your cousin, Tiff.”

I rolled my eyes. “I know.” In an effort to change the subject I slid down the pole. “Let’s go inside and play video games.”

I got ready for bed and Jason gave me a run for my money during our game, however I came out the winner. Jason is such a sore loser. I guess I can see why Sara would think we should date. I mean he is the only boy I’ve ever spent time with and we were really close, inseperable almost. But I quickly shot the idea out of my head. I was head over heels for Chris, even though he’d never so much as glanced at me…well I guess there was that one time when he asked to borrow a pen….

Our night got even more fun when I decided to tell a scary story, of course I couldn’t help but throw in some silly moments. I think the best part was the look on Jason’s face when I threw in a really scary part. Jason was a bit of a coward, so he never told the ghost stories. I think the only reason he listened was because I told them. He did tell the best jokes though. I wished I could talk to Chris as comfortably as I could Jason. I wished Chris would notice me and we could become close. I sighed as I turned off the flashlight, my heart not in the story anymore.

“Let’s go to bed.” I announced and Jason and I got a blanket and curled up on the living room floor. No boys in the room, including Jason as per Daddy’s rules. As I lay there I hoped with all hope that something would happen that would allow me to make my biggest dream come true, well next to Sara being able to walk, which was to finally get to talk to Chris Carlson!

I got that lucky break at the end of the following week. Mrs. West approached me in the school library, where I was with some fellow students having our weekly debate club meeting.

“Cheyenne! Can I ask you a favor?” Mrs. West asked quickly.

“Sure, Mrs. West. What is it?”

“I’ve had a student out all week and noone else wants to bring him his homework. His mother called and requested it. She gave their address and I know you’re very trustworthy. So will you deliver it?”

“Sure, for who?”

“Christopher Carlson. When you’re done here stop by my classroom and I’ll give you his homework.”

So after debate club I went and picked up my dream boy’s homework.

Chris and his mother Jenna lived in a trailer on the other side of town. Yeah, not classy living but I think it added to his tough boy image. He always gelled up his hair and showed his muscles. He had such strong facial features. Insert drool. How dreamy. The bad boy is always the dream boat. Chris answered the door (I nearly passed out) and let me in.

His cologone wafted through the air. More drool. “Hey.” I was nearly a puddle at the mere utter of any words off his lips.

“H-hey. Umm…” I gulped and twisted my fingers around the papers in my hand.

“You got somethin’ for me?” He smirked and twisted almost uncomfortably.

I sighed softly, I wanted this moment to last forever. “Umm, yeah…umm West…ummm homework…ummm here.” I shakily passed him the papers.

Again that sleek sexy smirk. “Um, thanks, um..what’s your name?”

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. “Ch-Cheyenne Wintergold.”

“Cool.” Ah, what words to leave on. I slowly walked  back to my bike and headed home.

**A Note From Ashpie**

Sorry it’s been so long since an update! I really hope you all have stuck in there. I’ve been without internet for the last few days so I’ve got tons and tons of legacy time and so far have the next 2 chapters written and have pictures to write two or three more! 🙂


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