Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Three Part One

by ashpie88

Chapter Three: The Dance Part One

The week was speeding by. I had started driving lessons with Daddy and for as much as I feel he hated my sudden stops and grandma slash race car speeds he stuck in there. After a few days I was getting the hang of it and was driving alot smoother, which I think was a huge relief to Daddy. He didn’t seem nearly as nervous to be driving with me.

At home Momma and Sara were getting things ready for Sara’s birthday. For once Sara actually seemed to be excited about something. I mean she’d had tons of birthdays but she was especially excited for this one. She would be a teenager finally. It was a nice little party with Jason and the family. Momma even whipped up a chocolate strawberry cake.

As Sara’s present Momma planted more flowers in the backyard garden. She planted more white flowers and filled in the space with beautiful orangey-yellow flowers at Sara’s request. Sara was even allowed to sit out and watch Momma plant everything.

I joined Sara later after my driving lesson to look at the flowers.

“Aren’t they beautiful, Chey?”

“Yeah. I love them.” I smiled and patted Sara’s shoulder.

She reached up and squeezed my hand. “I’m so happy Momma planted these for me. Daddy is gonna build me a chair ramp so I can wheel myself off the porch and back here. I guess everyone finally trusts that I won’t wheel into the pool.” She joked.

I laughed softly. “That’s awesome, Sara. I’m happy for you.” My little sister was so excited for all of the improvements. I think it really made her more optimistic about her situation and it made her feel better.

Finally the day came for me to be as happy as Sara was with her ramp and garden. Prom night. Chris rented a limo to come get me. I decided to go with my hair down and I even popped some contacts in.

“How do I look?” I asked Sara as I waited for the limo.

She smiled. “Beautiful. Where are your glasses?”

“I thought contacts would look better. I want to look beautiful not all nerdy.” I smiled.

“Remember, come back with a good story. I expect to hear about everything in great detail. And I really want you to describe what it feels like to dance!” She giggled excitedly.

“Of course I will.” I hugged her tight and rushed out the door.

The beautiful limo pulled up outside of my house and I excitedly got in it. I’d never been in a limo before but it was absolutely amazing! And the dance? It went so well and was so awesome. I think the most unexpected thing was what happened after the dance. Right outside of the school doors. Chris kissed me! Sparks flying, leg popping, hearts floating kiss. At least in my mind that’s how it felt. Oh Sara was going to love this. But of course the night wasn’t over. Oh no, Chris asked if I wanted to back to his house to hang out. I think I nearly died.

His mom was out of town and he invited my into her room. We had a full on make out session. It was so steamy. I really wanted to melt into puddle form. This night was so perfect. Then Chris tried to take off my dress..

“What are you doing?” I gasped, pulling the strap back up.

“Isn’t this what you want?”


“Come on, Chey. I know you do. I’ll be gentle.”

“I don’t think so, Chris. I should go..” I leaned back.

“Well do you wanna be my girlfriend?”

I turned back. “Well…yes..”

“Then do this…” He smirked and slipped a hand up my dress, resting it on my thigh. My heart was pounding so fast and my palms were sweating. My head began spinning things were moving way too fast. I barely knew what was happening.


**A Note From Ashpie**

Fun little extra photo, as you know I throw them in from time to time. 

This is Cheyenne & Chris’ Prom photo and the pose was just too funny not to share.


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  1. Love the pose, lol. I am biting my nails over here….

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