Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Four

by ashpie88

Chapter Four: Falling Apart

As if pending graduation wasn’t enough of a burden on me academically therefore mentally and emotionally, my world just started falling apart. A week before graduation everything starting tumbling quickly down hill. Jason came over to announce that he would be going away for college. My best and pretty much only friend in the world was going to go miles and miles away for 4 years!

I hugged Jason tight, even though I felt my heart breaking. I wanted to hold him forever and never let him go off to college. The only reason he was going was to escape Auntie Lina and Sam. They went through a messy divorce and were starting to drag Jason into the middle of everything.

Jason leaving was just the beginning. Shortly after we recieved a call from Grandpa Gage that Grandma had passed away. He already said his goodbyes and made arrangement for her ashes to be sent back to Riverview. We buried her next to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. Momma, Daddy, and I stayed long after everyone else had left the service. Daddy and I left Momma to mourn on her own. She was very close to Grandma back in the day, though she admitted to somewhat of a falling out before she left for London.

And I think above all the hardest thing to deal with came at the end of the week. Sara became violently ill. All week she had been coughing and feeling light headed. She really kept Ms. Aquino on her toes and kept the rest of us worried to death. I spend as much time as possible laying with her and talking, telling her stories. She never really expressed that she had heard me though.

Finally Graduation came. I was Class Valedictorian and that really made my day, aside from the speech anyway. I stared out into the crowd as I spoke, very relieved to see that Chris was not in attendance. I kept looking at Jason for confidence but I just felt like crying knowing he would be leaving tomorrow. The happiest day of my high school career ended the saddest week of my life.

For Graduation my parents bought me a sculpting wheel. They thought I could use the creative outlet. I couldn’t agree more. I’d always wanted to try sculpting, I had always been interested but now that I had my own work station I could really get down to it.

Turns out I was pretty good at it. I spent all day and all night working with my sculpting clay. For months trying to get it perfect. Within a week I had already broke way on a nice sculpture. I ended up going online and finding a buyer, unfortunately it was made of hardened clay so it only sold for little more than seventy dollars.

However I think the best gift I ever had came from my sister for my birthday the following year. It started with her calling me into the living room, where she had been looking out the window.

“Hey, Sara, what’s up?” I asked, sitting down.

“I’ve been saving up every penny I could for this.” Sara announced taking a slender white envelope out of her lap.

“What’s this? You don’t have to get me anything Sara.”

“No, you’re my sister and you’ve done so much for me, besides what else am I gonna spend money on? Not like I’m going to walk to a mall anytime soon.” She smiled softly at her own joke. She passed the envelope to me.

I opened it and peeked inside. There were two round trip tickets to France! “Oh my goodness! France?! Sara how did you afford these?”

“I’m not gonna lie, Momma helped a bit. And someone else.”

“Who?” I became suspicious.

“The person the other ticket is for.” She wheeled herself out the front door. When I didn’t follow she rolled about to the window and knocked, motioning for me to come out. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, I just knew Sara had probably done something amazing for me.

**A Note From Ashpie**

Okay, so so sorry that I haven’t updated in like months!!!!

I may or may not continue this legacy. I’ve been away from them for so long I’m not sure I could pick it up. So i may be starting another.

However I will finish out what I already have mapped out in the event that I do choose to finish, at least the generation.   For updates!


2 Comments to “Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Four”

  1. Yay, more story! And I understand about finding it hard to come back to a family after you have been gone. I’ll be on the look out for more though….

  2. Well there is still quite a bit. I’ve got at least 4 chapters besides this that were just sitting in my legacy folder lol

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