Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Five Part Two

by ashpie88

Chapter Five: France Part Two

I excused myself to the bathroom after a few moments. However on my way to the bathroom I found Mr. Hunky and stopped for a chat.

“Hi. I saw you upstairs.” I winked. Yeah, I’m a bad flirt.

“Ah.” The man then proceeded to speak French to me. “Vous êtes la belle fille que j’ai vu.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak French.”

He nodded and leaned in close. “My English is not good. I am, ah, Adrien. You are a beautiful girl.”

I smiled and blushed. “Adrien, that’s a sexy name. I’m Cheyenne.”

“Chey-anne.” He pronouned slowly.

He moved about the room, stocking bottles and I followed.

“So, Adrien, do you work here?”

“Oui.” He smirked. He had beautiful honey colored eyes.

“Oui…” I giggled wildly. “Are you married?”


I bit my lip leaning in.

The last thing I remember is throwing myself at Adrien in a hot passionate kiss. Lucky for me, this was the time Jason found me so he was able to fill in the night.

I sat on the edge of the bed listening to every word. I took it in and gulped it down, what else was there to do? I couldn’t believe myself. It must have been all the wine. I wouldn’t normally behave like that. What was wrong with me? Let me fill in the blank..

It started with Jason walking in as Adrien and I parted. Naturally he worried what was going on and at first was stepping in for my protection. He hurried over to me. He quickly explained that I was drunk and needed to go back to the inn and sleep it off. He explained the situation calmly to Adrien who apparently nodded in understanding  waved goodbye to me and went right back to his work.

Then Jason lead me to the inn. He took my hand as I tripped up the steps, messily falling into him. Then he layed me in the bed. He stayed awake beside me to make sure I was okay.  He rubbed my back and let me rest. But apparently after about an hour things got interesting.

I threw myself at the second man of the night. Jason didn’t know whether to push me away or pull me closer. He told me I didn’t want to do this, I wasn’t in my right mind, but I apparently told him I really wanted him and got very cross when he tried to push me away further. He was enough of gentleman to not let things happen, but I was tough to argue with.

And that brings us to now. The day after. Waking up in pjs, not sure what happened after throwing myself at French Hottie. I rested uneasily at the edge of the bed. I wasn’t sure if our friendship could be the same. I mean I drunkenly threw myself at him and he was my best friend! This wasn’t supposed to happen!

**A Note From Ashpie**

France is a fun place, huh? hahaha

Here is a blooper pic:

“Let me just pinch those” hahaha


One Comment to “Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Five Part Two”

  1. LOL, I always find France to bring out that wild side in sims. Jason needs to step things up there, teehehe!

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