Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Six

by ashpie88

Chapter Six: Aftermath

Needless to say that our stay in France was cut a day short. I immediately phoned the airport and requested the soonest flight out. I also specifically asked that Jason stay or take another flight. I needed to be alone to think.

Once I arrived home I spent most of my time working on my sculptures. I seemed to want to hide away more and more as each day went by. I don’t know how many of Jason’s calls I ignored in those several months.

It wasn’t until December that he physically came to the house. He was on Christmas break. He let himself in and kindly greeted my family.

“Jason, how are you doing?” Mom asked him.

“I’m fine, Ma’am. I hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season.” Then his eyes scanned to me. “Cheyenne, can I talk to you?”

I sighed heavily and stood. “I suppose that’s probably why you are really here.”

When we were alone in the foyer, Jason broke down in tears. “Cheyenne! I love you! I’ve always loved you and you have no idea how hard it has been to not hear from you. I’m sorry things got out of control.”

I remained surprisingly calm as I replied. “Jason, what happened was an accident. It wasn’t meant to happen. I care about you greatly and if we were meant to sleep together I would of liked it to have happened naturally.”

“Oh, Cheyanne, please forgive me.”

“I’ll have to,” I said, taking a step back. “I’m pregnant.”

The news perked him up, which I was glad for because quite frankly I couldn’t stand to have him cry.

“Can I feel?” He asked.

I nodded as he gently carassed his hand over my large belly.

He must have been caught up in the moment because next thing I knew he kissed me. I awkwardly accepted it, not wanting to make him feel bad.

As he left to visit his parents I remained in the foyer, glancing at my belly and thinking just what it would be like for this baby. I wasn’t sure my relationship with Jason could ever be even close to the same as it had been.

**A Note From Ashpie**

Oh, readers, I am so sorry. I meant to update this earlier this week, I’ve  just been kinda lazy.

I’m hoping to start updating this more, again, I’m really sorry and for those of you who have been patient, I thank you.


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