Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Seven Part One

by ashpie88

Chapter Seven: Happy Little Family? Part One

Through the last months of my pregnancy life got far too stressful for my liking. One day we recieved a phone call from Dylan that Gabe had passed away. Only a short week after his funeral Ms. Aquino had a heart attack right in our front yard. She passed on two hours later at the hospital. It was particularly hard on Mom and Sara.

I completed a requested ice sculpture piece for the mayor’s inauguration ball. It was a bust of himself. I was quite proud of it and got paid handsomely for it. I planned to put that money to good use decorating the baby’s nursery.

Two days after I finished the nursery and began on a new commission, the most severe pains of my life hit me. And they were coming fast. It felt like a freight train was trying to drive through my body at full speed.

I was in and out of the hospital in 5 long days. Mostly for monitoring the babies. And oh boy do I mean babies. Triplets. I thought I had one but I was going home with triplets. Daddy had to meet Mom and I at the hospital just so we could get them all home. Jason had already returned to school but I wasn’t sure I was ready to call and tell him about the birth.

The first few days home were rough. I really needed some sort of system to tell the girls apart. I got one boy out of the bunch. Karly, Kristin, and Kade. Sure, when they are sleeping they are absolute sweethearts but when they weren’t it was an all hands on deck sort of situation.

When I got too tired to handle the trio, Mom and Daddy helped as much as they could. Sara loved to visit during nap time and just watch the babies. I knew she desperately wanted to hold one of them, but never asked and refused when offered. She had such a longing in her troubled eyes when she spent time with them. I could tell Karly was her favorite.

But, I wasn’t out of the woods. Mom had called Jason and told him the news. So I had the babies to myself for only a week before Jason was on my porch. And I couldn’t possibly forget what he wanted of me.

**A Note From Ashpie**

So, yes, I abandoned this legacy, and most of this was already typed up and I was just going to let them die. But then the realization hit me.

I missed them. I came back and looked through my legacy and though, dang I miss them so much. And so I am back to them.  Yay!


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