Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Seven Part Two

by ashpie88

Chapter Seven: Happy Little Family? Part Two

By the time I got to the door and opened it, there on bended-knee was Jason. My heart was beating so fast and my stomach was fluttering all about. In his hand was a black velvet box and the largest diamond I’d ever laid eyes on. I knew what was coming but I didn’t want to believe it. I wasn’t even sure I wanted it, with him at least.

“Cheyenne, will you marry me?” He asked happily.

“Oh…Jason…” I took a deep breath and carefully prepared what to say.

“For the babies.” Jason said. “Give it two years, if things don’t work we will go on our seperate ways.”

I fell against him in a hug. “I think I can try that. We should be together. It’s best for the triplets.”

“Exactly.” His breath was warm against my neck and oddly comforting to me. I melted deeper into the hug.

I brought Jason up to meet his children for the first time. He watched the girls in awe as I held Kade nearby.

“They are the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen.” He whispered.

I smiled, looking at my three sleeping bundles. “They are.”

“I can’t believe we’d be so lucky.”

“Well they are a handful. It will be nice to have you around to help with them. Mom and Dad have enough on their plates with Sara.”

Over the next few weeks and months I really gave an effort into a relationship with Jason. It was hard for me because I never viewed him as a lover, just a friend and I was still having a hard time getting over that. He wrapped an arm around me and all I could do was stare at him awkwardly.

“Are you okay, Cheyenne?” He asked, stroking my fingers gently with his.

“I’m just having a hard time with this all Jason. We are friends and my mind just doesn’t want to get past that.”

“We just have to do something to ignite that spark in you. That bright flame has always been burning for me.” He smiled.

It made me relax abit and enjoy our cuddle time. After all it wasn’t like it was the deed.

On other fronts I was about to get some news I wasn’t sure how to swallow. On morning Mom called me downstairs. When I got there Sara was sitting in her chair next to her.

“What’s up, Mom? I just got the babies down for naps.” I sighed, straightening out my crumpled clothes.

“I got a wonderful call yesterday! Your father and I were talking about and decided we should let you know what’s going on.” Mom gushed.

“It’s not that exciting…” Sara grumbled under her breath. I took it she wasn’t thrilled.

“OH, hush, Sara.” Mom threw a glance her way before returning to me. “There is a doctor in France who has been running experiment trials with patients who have various issues that cause them not to walk. Well it’s been very successful so far and it’s in later stages of testing. They called and asked if we could bring Sara for a few months. She’s been selected to run the trail.”

“But it’s experimental…”

“But successful. He boasted an eighty-five percent success rate. And if it doesn’t work we are no worse off than we are now.”

“How do you feel about it, Sara?” I asked.

“Eh, whatever.” Sara was obviously in a mood today. “I get excused from my last semester of classes and still get to graduate, so no big deal. Besides I have no faith in it at all, so it’s not like hopes will be crushed.”

“See, she’s fine with it. We’re leaving Friday.” Mom announced. And that’s what they did.

Four months later they returned and Sara couldn’t wait to share that her doubts were founded.

“That guy was a quack, but you think that stopped Mom? No. His clinic was a run down old wine cellar, it wasn’t until he tried to give me this weird blue liquid that looked alot like Draino that Mom realized that he was not a doctor and had no cure for me.”

“They why did you stay so long?”

“Well Mom spent the rest of the time trying to find another doctor. She never found one. Oh, but I did meet someone.” She blushed.

“Oh? Do tell…”

“His name was Jaque. He owns the local winery in Champs Le Sims. He was so handsome and so much fun to talk to and the best part was he actually liked me!”

“Why wouldn’t he?”

She sighed. “Maybe one day I’ll see him again. That doesn’t matter now, don’t you need to be getting to bed? I thought there was a wedding tomorrow?”

That was my chance to sigh. “Yeah, but it’s not going to be fancy. Noone is supposed to dress up.”

Jason, true to himself, made that wish come more than true. He came to our wedding in pajamas. Yes, for real, pajamas. I couldn’t help but giggle uncontrollably. It was so cute.

I remember our conversation the day before. “I mean it, Jason, no dressy clothes! Opposite of dressed up! Got it?”

“Yes, Love.”

And bam, he shows in his pjs.

“Really, Jason, you’re pajamas?” I laughed.

“Well you said the opposite of dressed up and whats more dressed down that pajamas?”

“Now I feel over dressed.” I smiled and for the first time realized that this relationship really could work. He was still the same old Jason he’d always been and I was the same old Cheyenne, just now we were going to be ourselves together forever for our children.


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