Generation Four – Cheyenne : Chapter Eight

by ashpie88

Chapter Eight: Forever Is A Long Time

Life was full of ups and downs for me. Half of the time I wasn’t sure I was really happy. Jason and I’s relationship only worked half the time. The one thing I felt lucky for was the triplets. They were well behaved and generally happy. Which gave me something to be happy about. 

Karly and Kristen were nearly identical in looks. I had to tell them apart with clothing colors and small things. As they got older they learned to swap clothes to try and trick everyone into thinking they were the other one. 

Kade was unique in being a boy and the fact that he has red hair. He spent alot of time with his father in the garden. The garden was where Kade and Jason found what would be Kade’s biggest time consumer for years to come.

Pokey. Jason and Kade bonded so much over that darned turtle. They fed him together, cleaned the cage together, sat together as he roamed the yard. Kade loved that turtle. When he wasn’t playing with him he was staring into the glass and pressing little fingers against it.

Kristen, Kade, and Karly were my life. They were what I revolved most if not all of my time around for many years. Each child was unique and had their own personality. They were what was making things work in my life and in my marriage.

Even though things got better for a little while with Jason it was only a matter of time before everything fell through. That had been the complete definition of our relationship from the start. I hated it. I hated that things had to be that way for us, that neither of us could be completely happy.

Of course short after his thirty-fifth birthday he made life alittle easier on me. I got a phone call from his mother-in-law one night letting me know she had seen him at the wine bar flirting with the bartender. Oddly, this didn’t hurt as bad as I had thought. I was somewhat relieved. It made me feel less guilty for thinking of leaving him.

It took a few weeks for me to finally confront him. We had just put the kids down to bed and I made sure Mom, Dad, and Sara were asleep too before asking Jason outside. He took a seat on the steps.

“Cheyenne, before we talk I have something to tell you.” He sighed. “I’ve been seeing someone.”

“I know.” I said without even batting an eyelash. “I’m not happy, Jason.”

“I know, it’s horrible. I shouldn’t do this to you.”

“No. I’m not happy with the relationship. I haven’t for a long while.” I figured I shouldn’t say ever.

He nodded slowly. “I had a feeling. I do love you and the children, but I’ve developed feelings for the woman I’ve been seeing and to be honest I’d like to continue seeing her and living with you. I want to be here for the kids.”

That was the first thing that shocked me. He wanted to live with me and stay married to me but be with someone else. I had honestly lost everything I wanted to say. “Fine.” Was all I managed.

Then, just a few short days later my parents dropped some heavy news on me.

“Do you want to tell her, Sara?” Dad asked.

Sara looked at me, worry all over her face. “Chey..Mom, Dad, and I are moving.”

“What?” This was news that made me want to cry.

“Remember Jacque? Well he and I have been writing each other and video chatting online. He asked me to marry him.”

“Over the internet?”

“Yes. I love him. I’m going to move to France to live my life and Mom and Dad are going to come with me.”

“It’s wonderful, really, Cheyenne. You should be happy for your sister.” Mom said, tossing Karly in the air.

“I am. I will just miss you guys.”

Losing my family was going to be the biggest blow to me.

Before I knew it it was happening. Mom, Dad, and Sara were waiting for their carpool. I let Jason hold me as tears ran down my face. I was saying goodbye to almost everything I loved. My family, my sister and best friend, my marriage which was never good to begin with. The only thing I would have no matter what was my children.


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