Generation Five – Kade : Chapter One

by ashpie88

Chapter One : One Of Three

Mom and Dad didn’t know it but I was there when things blew up. Alot of times at night I only pretended to go to sleep. I even stayed in my clothes. I wanted to wait for Dad. That night just wasn’t a good night for them. Mom blew up on Dad and kicked him out. Something about being selfish and using her. She was tired of it. Get out. I pressed myself against the wall as Dad rushed out the front door slamming it and Mom plopped back into the dining room chair and cried. I’m sure that to this day they still don’t know I was there.

I shook my head as I heard Kristin’s voice ring out ahead of me. “Come on, slow poke! Pick it up!”

“I’m comin’!” I hollered as I picked up speed, passing by her.

Kristin and I were both pretty athletic and loved to go on runs together. We kept each other in check and were competitive so we challenged each other.

Finally Kristin got tired and flopped into the grass by the river. I laughed and helped her up.

“Couldn’t keep up?”

“Hey, you were the one lagging behind me for ten minues, bud.” She spat.

“Just a joke, Kris.” I joking shoved her.

“Dude!” She acted like she was going to flip on me then smiled. “Give me five then it’s on, Bro.”

Sometimes Kristin could be just like a boy. “What? You gonna race me?”

“You bet your butt. If I win I get your allowance.”

“And if I win?” I asked.

“I’ll do your chores for the week.” She smiled and patted my shoulder before taking off.

“Cheater!” I yelled, chasing after her. Good thing to know, I wasn’t doing my chores all week.

Karly was not sporty. Infact she hated being outside. The only thing she wanted to do with the outdoors was in her paintings. She spent all of her time in the room painting. It was what she loved to do and she was good at it. She was my quiet sister, sometimes I forgot I was a triplet.

After beating Kristin home, I headed inside to see Pokey before a shower. I walked past the laundry room, just to see Dad there, fixing the washer.

“Hey, Son, wanna give me a hand?” He asked.

He looked at him and shook my head. “Busy.” I rushed past him.

I went to feed and clean Pokey’s cage. “Hey, little guy.” I said, tossing him a cricket I found outside. They were a special treat for him. I tried my best to ignore my dad. We used to be really close but that was also before he became a jerk. After what I witnessed between him and Mom it took a while for me to accept either of them. I ignored both to the best of my abilities for a few months. Then it just became about ignoring Dad. Mom was the one who was hurting.

After my shower I followed my nose into the kitchen. Mom had started dinner and I think that was her way of trying to ignore the fact that Dad was here fixing the washer.

“Hey, Mom, he isn’t staying for dinner is he?” I said. Yeah, it was hard to even want to call him Dad. I just couldn’t form the words.

“Are you kidding? No.” She said, sipping from a wine glass that never seemed to be too far from her. “He’s fixing the washer then he’s gone. Not to be pushy, but you should learn to fix things so that he never has to come here again.”

“While I’d love to have this conversation with you, Mom, I have homework to get to. And you know I’m the farthest thing from handy. You’d have better luck just calling a repairman.”
“They are expensive.”

“Better than him.” I said, spinning on my heel and leaving the room.

As bad as it is to say, I had a hard time wanting to be around either one of my parents. My dad was a jerk and my mom had become a bit of a lush. Most of the time it was just me and my sisters to care for ourselves. Our parents were in their own worlds.


**A Note From Ashpie**

Welcome to Gen 5! hehe 🙂 If you can’t tell why I chose Kade, maybe you should take a look back at our  founder.

I was given a little gem to work with  and when it happens you can’t ignore it! 🙂



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