Yes, finally here for you I have uploaded the members of the Wintergold Family, as well as the extras and spares! So now you can have your favorite Wintergold in your game as well! If you do upload them and use them in a story or just want to share a picture please share the picture here on the blog and please link back to my legacy when you credit me. 🙂 For exchange items- they are who I say just some pictures may not be of them cause they were uploaded for Avis. & They are all in YA stage.

Founder & Heirs

Tyler Wintergold (Founder) – x

Piper Wintergold (Gen 2)- x

Rosalyn Wintergold (Gen 3)- x

Spares & Extras

Keeli Torrin – x

Xavier Wintergold – x

Dante Wilde – x

Violette Lavendar – x

Lars Duncan – x

Tommy Wintergold – x

Lea Ferguson – x

Shane Wintergold(Post-marriage) – x

To Install: These are .sim files. If you do not know how to install them this is how: you simply take the file and place it in this directory location:

For PC:  My Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>Saved Sims

For Mac: Users>(username)>Documents>Electronic Arts> The Sims 3> Saved Sims

In game you will find the sims in your Sims Bin in Create-A-Sim! That easy! There are a few that are linked to the TS3 Exchange, those install via your launcher!


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